torsdag den 15. oktober 2009

DIY - graphic brooches

You will need:
fabric (cotton)
textile pen
polyester filling
1. Draw anything you like

2. Fold the fabric. Image on reverse. Sew close to the drawing. Remember to leave an opening

3. Cut off the excess fabric. Leave some fabric to fold at the opening

4. Turn inside out

5. Stuff it and sew the hole together. Attach a brooch pin on the back. Done!

Here's my collection made today. Enjoy!

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  1. thank you for the visit!!
    nice to meet you!
    I like your blog very much;)

  2. i love your brooches! and i'm also a huge fan of pickles.

  3. Hvor er de bare fine!! Dem vil jeg helt sikkert prøve at lave :D

    Mvh Lise C