onsdag den 28. oktober 2009

New members of the family

I really like birds...

and a seal with a cape...

onsdag den 21. oktober 2009

Uh, baby it's cold outside...

Knick-knack seal with a new hat to keep him warm

And his mother with a scarf

I smiled when I made these accessories for the seals. They make me happy!

An old memory game. I don't like the smell of it... kind of old basement smell... but it looks beautiful, I think

Some of the pieces. Click to enlarge picture. Love the seventies style...

Last but not least: a doll for a customer in the shop - Astas - in Copenhagen

søndag den 18. oktober 2009

Crochet and street art

Not the best picture, but wanted to show you the mobile I crocheted some weeks ago

Street art from Århus. Really love street art. Want to make some myself. Do you remember this?

Small card made by me. I sent a greeting for my mother a long time ago. She kept the card...

lørdag den 17. oktober 2009

Silas 8 years today...

Love the colours. Vase from a flea market a long time ago. Aluminia Tenera from 1961 I think

My kokeshi doll has been stylished

Wristwarmers made by my mother from this free pattern

Silas turned 8 today. Happy birthday big boy. I love you...

torsdag den 15. oktober 2009

DIY - graphic brooches

You will need:
fabric (cotton)
textile pen
polyester filling
1. Draw anything you like

2. Fold the fabric. Image on reverse. Sew close to the drawing. Remember to leave an opening

3. Cut off the excess fabric. Leave some fabric to fold at the opening

4. Turn inside out

5. Stuff it and sew the hole together. Attach a brooch pin on the back. Done!

Here's my collection made today. Enjoy!

tirsdag den 13. oktober 2009

DIY - Branch mobile

Find branches in different sizes in the woods. Crochet small bands for the branches

Fold the band around the branch and sew it together

Here's my collection of branches

A closer look

Use fishing line to hang the branches from the ceiling

A very relaxing feeling to look at the branches moving slowly

lørdag den 10. oktober 2009

My hometown Århus

A very nice wall painting in Vestergade...

Plenty of birdcages for the urban birds

I made it in time to see the Avantgarden exhibition. Click here to see more (and better) pics

Meyer-Lavigne is contributing to this art project, and I love their work

A lot of different materials and expressions - GrEaT!

onsdag den 7. oktober 2009

Things I like...

I really like this book: "Die grosse Reise des kleinen Mouk" by Marc Boutavant. I bought it in Berlin and it gives me a lot of inspiration

I like coffee and a little snack. I'm looking forward to the autumn leave. It gives me lots of time to drink coffee and crochet

I like to make my own presents for people I love. This small reading bag was made for Zoe - the cutest girl!

I like children's drawings. Sylvester made this for his grandmother. The text says: "grandmother - ok - I love you (the heart means "I love you")