fredag den 27. februar 2009


Here it is - the crocheted muffin I was telling you about. I think it looks delicious and very girly. I'm working on a book with cool crochet patterns. This muffin has a place in it already. I hope a good friend of mine visits me on Sunday for a cup of tea and a real muffin! Enjoy your weekend.

onsdag den 18. februar 2009

More bracelets

I promised you to share pictures of the bracelets I was working on. Here they are...

Detail of crochet bracelets with vintage fabric and buttons. I'm already working on something new: a crocheted muffin. And of course I'll share it with you, when I'm done. So long...

lørdag den 14. februar 2009

The musthave bracelet

Finished this little bracelet today. I'm already working on a few more in different colours. You might want to see them, when I'm done?

tirsdag den 3. februar 2009

Spring is coming - soon I hope

This fabulous rose was made in a cooperation between me and my mother. My mother knitted the rose and I crocheted the leaves. The result is a romantic rose brooch to remind you that spring is near...