søndag den 25. januar 2009

Textile Poetry

I made this crocheted branch today. If you ask me what to do with it, I can't answer. Sometimes you need useless things around you, such as beautiful poems, stones from the beach, old postcards from friends, small drawings your child made. Every little thing brings you joy and I think that's why I made this branch - simply for the joy it gives me to look at it. Hope you like it too.

mandag den 19. januar 2009


I'm so happy to tell you that my handmade dolls and crocheted teddy bears are for sale in the beautiful children's shop Astas in Copenhagen. The shop is located in Nikolaj Plads 11.

tirsdag den 13. januar 2009

Small interior

My sewing room isn't always this tidy, but sometimes you find small places like this. Places where homemade stuff and vintage toys make nice interiors. Luckily you can't see the rest of the room - it's a mess! And I work best in messy sorroundings...

mandag den 12. januar 2009

Variations of an owl

I simply love owls. I made these brooches out of felt.

I got the inspiration for this owl in a Danish children's book called "Carsten og Gittes store findebog" by Anders Morgenthaler and Jeppe Højholt.

This beauty was made after receiving the book "Doodle-Stitching" by Aimee Ray.

Three crocheted owls. I made the pattern myself. I hope you like my owls. Feel free to make a comment! Have a nice day.

torsdag den 8. januar 2009

Hostess gift

I want to show you a little gift I made for the hostess where we celebrated New Years Eve. I found a small jam jar in a drawer in my kitchen. I started by crocheting two circles. I sew them on to a string of single crochet stitches. I tied the string around the jar and put a small candle in it. Finished! A simple and yet stylish gift...

mandag den 5. januar 2009

Now in English!

I´ve decided to try to write my blog in English. I hope to get at lot of new readers out there, and I hope you will bear with me if my language skills are not to good.

Now that the christmas presents have been opened, I want to share a couple of home made gifts with you. These are pot holders made by my son (7 years old). He drew with a textile pen, and I ironed it to bind the colour. I sew the white fabric on to the ready-made pot holders. It couldn't be easier, and my son was very proud of the finished result. The recipients were very pleased as well.

Another home made gift this christmas was a friendly cactus. It's so easy to take care of, and it looks funky in every office!

Please feel free to tell me about your home made gifts. What were they? Did they make the owners happy?
I wish you all a happy and crafty new year!