lørdag den 26. september 2009

Elephant for Villads

A letter for Christina. The owner of Astas, where I sell some of my stuff.

As I told you earlier my cousin had a son three weeks ago. Here he is. Isn't he beautiful? His name is Villads.

And here is the present I gave him: a crocheted elephant. His parents loved it!

torsdag den 10. september 2009

Crocheted cape and children's play

This is my new cape. Crocheted on needle nr. 10. Fast and easy! My next project has to be something small for my cousin's newborn boy. Don't know what to make though... Baby shoes? A cuddly toy? A rattle? Any suggestions?

Children's construction set made out of wood. Nice box!

I remember these wooden pegs from my childhood. Maybe I can use the patterns on the box for cross stitching...

lørdag den 5. september 2009

How to make your own stamp

Things you need: eraser, pen, soft pencil, scissors, sharp hobby knife, linoleum cutter, ink pad

1. Draw small things. I like to use a pen for this

2. Draw with a soft pencil on the drawing you like the most

3. Cut out drawing

4. Paint on the back of the paper with the soft pencil to transfer the drawing to the eraser

5. Use the linoleum cutter to cut out your drawing

6. Wanted two small stamps

7. Here's the finished result: Leaves and a hungry little worm


Hope you liked the tutorial. Now you have something to do on these rainy days:)